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Genesis Office Systems has been instrumental in developing and improving, the overall network installation capabilities of the majority of the leading networking installation companies and IT system integrators in the region. This has been facilitated through our attention to providing quality products, ongoing technical and practical training - for both end-users and the installers, PLUS a quality product delivery service, to meet varied end-user supply demands in this dynamic field.Attention is given to keeping the installer and the end-user market up to date on emerging and evolving standards, to ensure that all products supplied by Genesis will provide reliable, effective and long term solutions, to meet the demands of the information revolution and to keep pace with worldwide progress in our chosen field.


  • Networking Equipment

    Quality Networking Equipment

    We provide the best quality and value for money networking equipment from some of the leading suppliers for Wireless, Wired and Fibre Optic technologies.  Learn More......




  • Computer Supplies

    Computer Supplies and Consumables

    We supply Computer Hardware, Software, Accessories, Printers, Peripherals and consumables from leading Manufacturers. Learn More......

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